Stryi river, Dovhe-Hirsʹke village

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Balford Ukraine LLC is creating an investment and environmental project for the construction of an innovative 2 MW HPP on the Stryi river, Dovhe-Hirsʹke village, Lviv region.

Pre-project solution with the possibility of transport moving up to 3 tons. With the opening of a sandy farm, it will be possible to wash the bottom of the river. It is planned to build a modern ecological fish ladder, that will be built on the recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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Balford Ukraine LLC

"Balford Ukraine" LLC is pleased to announce

That reports on research works have been prepared and signed in accordance with the recommendations for the implementation of the conclusion of the environmental impact assessment.

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Unique pump room opened near the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village (Video)

On September 29, 2019, the 15th traditional procession to the Heroyiv Nebesnoyi sotni mountain took place in the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village.

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Construction of a pump room for drinking water supply

Repair of the roof of the Narodny dim: in the process of restoration, summer 2019

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Road planning for the Sopit village

Signing a social agreement on the development of the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village

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Repair of the bridge over the Stryi river

Balford Ukraine LLC helped the residents of the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village, Drohobych district, Lviv region to repair the bridge over the Stryi river.

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The first in Ukraine hydroelectric power plant of a new type in the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village

On March 12, 2019, a public hearing was held in the Dovhe-Hirsʹke village on the environmental impact of the construction of a 2 MW hydroelectric power plant.

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Small hydropower: German-Austrian experience

Small hydropower: German-Austrian experience of Balford Ukraine LLC: "How we got to Germany", "Hydropower evolution", "Austrian impression" and more.

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24.04.2018 Dovge. GES. Norway Embassy in Ukraine

Lviv district administration. Group of norvegian consultants, Balford Ukraine. Project 2MVT + 2 MVT

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Conclusion from the environmental impact assessment

05/17/19 The Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Lviv Regional State Administration gave a positive assessment of Balford Ukraine LLC for the environmental impact of the planned activities on the Stryi river, located near the Dovhe-Hirske village, Drohobych district, Lviv region.The conclusion can be found at the link: